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Code of Conduct / Bylaws

MLIHA Code of Conduct

Approved February 8, 2018

This Code of Conduct has been adopted by the Mt. Lebanon Inline Hockey Association (MLIHA) as the detailed policy that will be followed by COACHES, PLAYERS and PARENTS/FANS. This Code of Conduct is in addition to the rules and policies of the PIRHL and AAU Hockey.

1. All MLIHA coaches and players must obtain and carry AAU Membership/ Insurance.

2. All MLIHA coaches must attend PIRHL Coaches Certification Classes held by, and as required by the PIRHL.

3. The PIRHL RULES & REGULATIONS  will be followed and strictly enforced.

4. A good example by both players and coaches will be set at all times while on rink property as you are representatives of the MLIHA and the Mt. Lebanon School District.

5. NO use of obscene or abusive language or behavior on the bench, on the rink or in the stands at any time while at the sporting event. The MLIHA Board will investigate any reports of such actions, and by a majority vote, may remove the responsible party for any behavior deemed unsatisfactory.

6. NO abusive language or behavior from players, parents, spectators, or coaches towards game officials (referees), anyone from or with the opposing team, or any rink personnel, at any time before, during or after the game. This also includes any involvement in social media. Coaches may remove any player or coach from the bench during a game for abusive behavior.  The MLIHA Board will determine the penalty for coaches violating this rule.

7. Coaches will not tolerate abusive behavior from players or parents; nor will they tolerate any obscenities from players or parents at any time.

8. It is the Coaches decision to suspend or remove players from the game and/or roster for violating the abusive behavior rules; the coach will submit a proposal for suspension/removal to the MLIHA board for final decision by majority vote.

9. Coaches are responsible for the players and their actions before, during and after games and practices and at all times while on rink property while assembled as a team.

10. Coaches will make all decisions concerning playing time, game strategies and game management; players and parents are not to question or argue these matters with the coaching staff.

11. Fighting will not be tolerated. Fighting will result in an appearance before the MLIHA Board.

12. Players are required to notify their coach when they cannot attend a practice or game. Failure to do so could result in the player being benched for all or a portion of a game.

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