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Great Assists Program

About Great Assists

Even though the idea has been around since the inception of the program in 2016, the Great Assists program will officially launch in September of 2019.


Designed as an integral part of team building and bonding, Great Assists serves as a mandatory community service and volunteer aspect of MLIHA, as we hope to build and establish a relationship with the community of Mt. Lebanon and her neighbors. Ranging from everyday volunteer work to the most abstract project imaginable, Mt. Lebanon Inline Hockey prides itself on being the best we can be while achieving the wildest of expectations on and off the rink. Through this program, players and coaches will work together to achieve greatness off the rink through service and kinship, echoing our over-arching motto of "Achieving Greatness" on an athletic and personal level.

The Great Assists program is at the forefront of who Mt. Lebanon Inline Hockey inspires to be OFF the ice, and will become an integral part of our identity as a program. We look forward to the opportunity of helping others reach their goals now and in the future.

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