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Friday - August 30 - 6pm - 7pm



Friday - Sept. 6  - 6pm - 7pm

Friday - Sept. 13  - 6pm - 7pm

Friday - Sept. 20  - 6pm - 7pm

Friday - Sept. 27  - 6pm - 7pm



Friday - October  6  - 6pm - 7pm

Friday - October 11  - 6pm - 7pm Friday - October 18 - 6pm - 7pm Friday - October  25  - 6pm - 7pm



Friday - Nov. 1   - 6pm - 7pm

Friday - Nov. 8   - 6pm - 7pm

Friday - Nov. 15   - 6pm - 7pm

Friday - Nov. 22   - 6pm - 7pm




Friday - December 6  - 6pm - 7pm

Friday - December 13  - 6pm - 7pm


Approved February 8, 2018

Article 1

The name of the organization shall be Mt. Lebanon Inline Hockey Association


Article 2
Purpose of the Organization

The purpose of the organization shall be to develop and promote the best possible overall inline hockey program for students in grades 1-12 in the Mt. Lebanon, PA  School District, to promote good inter-team relationships, and to develop good sportsmanship through the medium of competition.


Article 3

Rights of Members:

1) Any member shall have the right to vote on all questions raised at the general membership meeting(s), with each family entitled to one on-line vote.

2) Only members who are in good standing (i.e. registration and fees current and required insurance and waiver forms duly signed) will be entitled to vote.

3) Individual discussion topics are limited to 5 minutes.

4) All questions or topics for discussion must be submitted to the Board 72 hours before the general meeting date.



Article 4
Board of Directors (If Applicable) 

The Board of Directors (the”Board”) of the organization shall consist of 9 directors. Any Member is eligible for nomination to the Board. The board structure is comprised of the following positions:


Vice President High School Teams

Vice President Middle School Teams

Vice President Elementary School Teams

PIRHL Administrator



Web Master

Member at Large


The nomination of the Board Members shall take place at an annual General Meeting in June. Members will be elected to the Board via on-line vote within 3 weeks of that meeting. All positions will be subject to re-election every 2 years. The Board President and the UBO representative are the only positions that will have access to the athletic office. This access is for NA Athletic Booster Organization requirements and compliance only.

In the event a Board Member is unable to complete a full term, the President may call a special meeting of the Board to fill the vacancy for the remainder of that term, or wait for the next regular general meeting. Any Member can propose himself/herself for election at the meeting or recommend another Member if such other Member has previously agreed to be nominated.


Meetings: The Board will meet quarterly

Quorum: A minimum of 2/3 of the Board Members must be present to have a quorum.

Responsibilities: the board shall fulfill the following responsibilities:


-Call all general meetings of the Organization.

-Appoint committee chairpersons.

-Approve budgets and review annual program guidelines for approval by the membership at the first general meeting.

-Collect and care for all moneys collected by the Organization and prepare financial statements.

-Conduct the affairs of the organization in a prudent manner and in accordance with its stated purpose.

-Maintain and keep current the official Organization web site



Article 5
Coaching Staff

Team Coaches: Vice Presidents will select coaches for teams under their direction. Coaching eligibility requirements shall include compliance with Acts 33, and 34. Certification is also required for Concussion and Heat Acclimatization training. All coaches will attend the mandated PIRHL Coaches Training held yearly. Additional requirements may be added by the NAAD as legislation dictates. Coaches are not permitted on the bench or rink without complete compliance and must adhere to the North Allegheny Code of Conduct.

All decisions regarding rink play, including selection of players for varsity, junior varsity, middle school and elementary teams and the amount of playing time for each player, are within the sole discretion and judgment of the coaching staff. The Head Coach and Vice Presidents will conduct tryouts annually to determine the makeup of each team. The Head Coach and Vice Presidents are responsible for all players’ compliance with NA Athletic code of conduct. The hockey program will be governed by the Head Coach and Vice Presidents, in accordance with rules of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Roller Hockey League (PIRHL), and the North Allegheny Athletic Department.



Article 6
Annual Selection of Teams


High School and Middle School tryouts will be conducted every spring. Scores will be compiled based upon unbiased evaluations from the tryouts. Rosters will be complied by the Head Coach and Vice Presidents based upon scores and grade level. The guideline of each level should be as follows:

Varsity 9-12

Junior Varsity 9-11

Grades 1-8 will be determined by PIRHL Guidelines

Once teams selections are finalized they will be posted on the Organizations website.

Governance by NAAD can be found in Addendum 1. Junior Varsity and Middle School teams are viewed as the club feeder system and coaches should understand the ultimate goal of junior varsity and middle school teams is to provide the student athlete an opportunity to learn, grow and mature. All eligible players should be given a reasonable opportunity to compete and develop.



Article 7
Player Eligibility and Discipline

Player eligibility requirements under the Head Coach’s Governance shall include completion of the NAAD CIPPE physical form including sudden cardiac arrest, risk of Concussion, and complete the baseline concussion impact testing. In addition, All players under the Governance of NASD must complete the participation form and pay the participation fee. In addition student athletes and parents are required to adhere to the North Allegheny Code of Conduct. Players must remain academically eligible by teacher notification. Players not under the Governance of the Head Coach will complete a Physician’s Release form including sudden cardiac arrest, and Risk of Concussion forms. All players are encouraged to take the ImPACT test prior to the season. Returning an injured player to competition requires first and foremost clearance from a licensed physician. An injured player returning from a concussion must be cleared by a licensed concussion specialist and pass exertion testing.

Any situation requiring consideration of disciplinary action shall be governed by appropriate sections of the North Allegheny Student code of conduct, the Amateur Hockey Association of the United States, the team rules and/or the rules of the PIRHL. The MLSD or Board shall have the right to suspend or remove a player in accordance with district, league and/or Board policies and procedures. There will be no refunds as a result of suspension or expulsion. Grievance by Members shall be limited to issues within the control of the Organization and submitted in writing to the Board. The Board shall meet promptly to address the concerns and respond in writing to the Member. The Board will not address or discuss any school discipline matters. Any player serving a school or league suspension is not permitted to practice or attend any games during the suspension.

The jurisdiction of the Board is limited to issues that surround the playing of the game of hockey. These events shall include, but are not limited to, games, time in the locker room and the rink (including the parking lot), on and off rink practices and any other events requiring a player to be present for hockey related activities. Incidents that occur outside the scope of the game shall not be considered for action by the Board. Any events occurring outside the playing of the game shall be handled by the school, the police, or other designated authority with proper jurisdiction. Hockey- related discipline is the responsibility of a team coach with the support of the Board and follow the following progression:


1.)   Official verbal warning followed by email to parent and Board.

2.)   1 period suspension

3.)   1 game suspension

4.)   Expulsion hearing.

One or more steps of this process may be skipped, based on the nature or seriousness of the offense. Step 4 discipline – Expulsion — shall be determined by a simple majority of the Board Members in attendance at the hearing.


Article 8

Fees shall be assessed for each player to cover the cost of the yearly program not otherwise financed by the MLSD or by other means. The Board is authorized to carry over a reasonable cash balance for the next year’s expenses. All fund raising activities will be for the sole benefits of the Organization. The fiscal year shall begin May 1 and end April 30.


Article 9
General Meetings

An Annual General Meeting will be scheduled in the Spring. This meeting will discuss the current financial status, the program for the upcoming season, nominations as needed and general membership concerns.   Special Meetings can be called at the discretion of the Board or as petitioned by at least 25% of the Organization’s members.


Article 10

All proposed amendments to the Constitution of Bylaws must be submitted in writing to the Board at least 30 days in advance of a General Meeting. Such proposed amendment will be taken under advisement by the Board and when deemed appropriate, presented to the Members at least seven days prior to the general Membership meeting. Any such proposed amendment must be approved by at least 75% of the Members present at the General Meeting to be adopted.



Article 11
Fee Reimbursement Policy

Requests for fee reimbursement will be considered based on the following circumstances:


1. Injury related inability to play of 8 weeks or more.

2. Relocation out of the school district effecting 8 or more weeks of the season.

3. Other circumstances as approved by the Board on a case-by-case basis.

No financial reimbursement will be provided for school discipline or expulsion, Board discipline as per Article 7, or quitting the team.

Reimbursement, if any, will be awarded at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors.


Game Schedule

David McCombs

Robert Tang

Paul Omatz

Christian Teta

Matthew Gates

Speed Stasiowski
Evan McMinn - Alt G.

Conner Skocik

Alpha Indoor / Ice Complex
66 Alpha Drive West
Pittsburgh,PA 15238

Pay in Installments

Mt. Lebanon HS2 High School Team



Colin Baverso 

Paul Zimick

Alex Kemp

Micah Gill

Speed Stasiowski 

Sam Noll

Alex Jackson

Christian Teta

Quinn Lynam

Warren Slack

Brian Pollak

Wayne Moran 


Joseph Gulish - Goalie

*** Dom  Frizzi - Back Up Goalie

*** Austin Landosky - Call up



Team Practices - Every Thursday 8pm-9pm @ Bridgeville Rollerplex
Starting September 9th

2021-22HS2 Schedule_edited.png

Combo Team - Chartiers Valley / Mt. Lebo HS3 High School Team


David McCombs

Julian McMinn

Danny Mack

Sean McCombs - Goalie

7 players from Chartiers Valley


Team Practices - Every Thursday 8pm-9pm @ Bridgeville Rollerplex
Starting September 9th

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